Set the tone with the alternative to print shop software, MIS and ERP.

Declining volumes, shrinking margins, digitalization backlog, mass customization or efficiency pressures?
The symphony smart factory framework is the alternative to disparate, costly systems and allows you to jump directly into the digital smart factory future.
Because we take “go productive” literally.

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What can symphony do?

COO Matthias Heinz has a brief explanation in this video:

  • Configurable workflows throughout the processes
  • Production planning - AI based
  • Inventory management (including semi-finished goods and dropshipping)
  • Order and product lifecycle management
  • Web applications as workstation-specific digital job tickets
  • International shipping and billing
  • Production data acquisition and analysis, reporting
  • Most interface-friendly system in the industry
  • All order channels integrated
  • Leverages existing software
  • All hardware components integrated

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What is symphony?
The smart factory framework for everything
around print & promotional products

symphony replaces or complements ERP and MIS and enables new digital business ideas.

symphony is a revolutionary smart factory framework that is

  • designed around your needs and processes. Not the other way around. 
  • is not software with a fixed set of functions. It is an intelligent, modular system.
  • is the flexible solution specifically for your business case.
  • is the only comprehensive solution for mass customization

You have ideas? We put them into action! Let's talk!

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Who is symphony suitable for?
You are in the best of company.

Whether you are printing commercial, digital, packaging, labels, large format, or web, whether you strive for mass customization, and whether you receive orders from web stores, interfaces,Excel , or from whatever order channel: With symphony, any production process can be modeled, optimized and thus: made productive
Our customers range from companies with an order volume of less than 500 to over 8 million unique items per month. Our customers appreciate the fact that we think along with them and help them develop their processes. Whether you have been using automated processes for a long time or are just starting out.
Want to take your business to the next level? We're just as entrepreneurial as you are - let's talk!

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How does symphony work?
Efficiency for your excellence.

symphony orchestrates complex processes with a simple core methodology.

symphony funnels all intake from your current and future order channels, routes them through all administrative, production and logistics processes, and allows you to view and optimize their status in real time throughout the order cycle.
As a benefit, you save time, increase production efficiency, and easily keep track of your company's success.

symphony is modular and flexible to your needs.

symphony is modular and can be expanded at will - according to your business model. Our customers use it to implement batch and gang forms, rapidly reduce their complaint rate, increase the number of orders, enter mass customization, and bring together a wide range of technologies from store to warehouse to logistics.
Are you looking to replace your legacy MIS, ERP or custom solution? As a framework, symphony is easy to customize and grows with your business.
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What can SYMPHONY do for you?

How do we work?
By experts, for experts.

We not only have a world-class product, we have principles. You can rely on them.

Our know-how for you: What do you need in detail, what are your processes, where do you want to go? Like your symphony installation, we don't offer off-the-shelf advice. Your experience and strategic goals, combined with our expertise from many years of projects, form the basis for a system that fits you.

We won't let you down: Some system vendors end their responsibility with the sale: We support our customers professionally and continuously during the project phase and in regular run phase, because we believe that your success is our success!

We are fast: In-house development is hard and slows you down. With us, you will not only be up and running in a few months, but you will also dramatically improve the time to market for new ideas.

We are good value: Have you been working with your own solution for years? The upfront cost of Symphony is less than what you spend in a year to maintain your existing system.  

Looking for a partner for your future? We are there for you! (For more information about our company ctrl-s, please visit our german website)

Here's to working together!

What are our customers saying?

We chose Symphony as the backbone for our European factories as the product aligns well with our 'digital transformation & industry 4.0' strategy. One of the advantages: Our digital manufacturing team can configure complex smart factory workflows without involving IT specialists.

Florus Plaizier
Industrial Engineering Director
Storio Group

With symphony, we save 90% of the time we used to spend on manufacturing automatable products.

Andy Amrein
CEO Kromer Print AG

Mass customization is becoming increasingly important for us as a manufacturer of promotional products. With symphony, we can perfectly integrate the related processes into our SAP-driven production.

Stefan Eiche
Head of Operations
Kalfany Süße Werbung GmbH & Co. KG

Symphony is a perfect fit for our Packaging Digital division, where we offer customized and personalized packaging. Its flexible workflow engine allows us to respond quicklyto new customer requirements and necessary process adjustments.

Tom Streefkerk
Division Manager Packaging Digital colordruck
Baiersbronn W. Mack GmbH & Co. KG

How can we make you productive?

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